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Face Shield Made in Germany, 10 sets of (1 Face Shield + 2 Spare Transparent Visors)

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[CONTENTS]: The kit contains ten sets, each one contains the following:
User's Manual + three parts that make the face shield assembly: Head-frame, Head-band, Face Shield (Visor) + 2 extra Face Shield Visor replacements. Head-frame & Head-band could be used for 3 years if cared for well.

[QUALITY]: Comfortable, not irritating head-frame, adaptable to head shapes, flexible head-band adjustable to different head sizes, very light (total under 60 g), crystal clear Polycarbonate Face Shield easy to clean or swap. Can be used with eyeglasses, safety glasses, goggles, and face masks.

[SAFETY & CLEANING]: Suitable for protection against drops and splashes of liquids, High-quality materials from the medical field were used to maximize safe usage and minimize the risk of allergic reactions that could occur on skin contact when used by a sensitive person.

[RECOMMENDATIONS]: The Head-band must be adjusted to the correct head diameter. The Head-frame should not be too loose or too tight to ensure maximum possible comfort. The Face Shield should not touch the face and should have a slight tilt away from the chin to prevent the faceshield from fogging up.
Clean the Face Shield with clear water and a scratch-free silk cloth. For multiple use, regular replacement of the face Shield is recommended.

[DISCLAIMER]: This Face Shield should be used for general applications only, the Face Shield scratches easily, DO NOT USE PAPER TOWEL FOR CLEANING.


Step-1: Snap the Head-band onto the two rear tabs of the Head-frame at the desired distance. The band is perforated, allowing adjustment for all common head diameters (XXS- XS- S- M- L- XL).
Step-2: Remove the protective films on both sides of the Face Shield before use. Place the Face Shield on the holding pins. Make sure that the logo is visible on the top side of the Head-frame. Start from the middle pins and proceed outwards. The outer pins of the Head-frame are flexible, this allows the Face Shield to be easily mounted and guarantees a secure hold.... Please follow the "Assembly Instructions" in the accompanying catalog.

STORAGE: The product should be stored in a dry and dust-free environment, protected if possible from UV light, at normal room temperature.

DISINFECTION: The Head-frame and the Head-band can be sterilized at 80° C to 100° C and are resistant to most alcohol-based disinfectants. The individual parts of the face shield can be disinfected with commercially available alcohol-based disinfectants.